I started my business in early 2018, hoping to be ready to launch in early 2019. And then life happened! I had several personal issues arise, and I was finding it difficult to grow my business completely on my own.

So, I hired a product development consultant who had been in the fashion world for years. Briana at Emerging Moda has been amazing (and if you just happen to be looking to launch a fashion line, I highly recommend her). 

Developing a line of mother of the bride dresses is time consuming. You have to come up with sketches of your dresses, create technical drawings, source material, find a manufacturer, and do a ton of research. I was a bit floored at the fact that it took nearly a year just to get samples of my dresses. But hey, that’s life, right?

I also quickly realized how naive I was with how much money I would need!

When you’re in the sampling stage, the first attempt is rarely spot on. As a new entrepreneur with limited funds, I was greatly hoping to only need two sample sets – but as in the rest of life, business throws you a lot of curve balls. Despite needing more samples than I had hoped for, it’s been a very exciting process. I can see my vision coming to life, and my dream of helping mothers look beautiful coming true. My dresses are nearly production-ready. I am simultaneously scared and thrilled.

Here is a sneak peek at my samples. I hope you enjoy them!


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